Simple is Good…. Our Mission.

It is amazing how simplicity in things can still be a far better solution than something so over the top that is it simply not cost effective.  Have you ever wanted a simple trigger job, and by the time you left a particular shop, you had added extra items you really did not need, and most likely will not get any real value out of?  We have all been there, and we work hard on creating  guns, with great ideas, but not at the expense of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at your project for the sake of a few extra dollars.   Yes, sometimes simple is better, and we prove that every day.

We Listen

Listening to our clients is what helps set us apart from many other companies.  We still find it surprising that people come in and tell us they sent a gun off for service, or they had an idea about something they wanted to create, and either they were talked out of it, or worse, they spent their hard earned money only to be disappointing by the finished result.   We simply do not allow that to happen.  We know you want the perfect gun when you get it back, and we strive to make that happen.  If it takes an hour on the phone to make sure everything is completely understood, then it takes an hour.  We do not rush you, nor should anyone else.

We Create

You have a vision, and we have the means to make that vision reality.  You want matching his and her defensive guns,  no problem.  College or NFL scheme on your personal carry…  we have you covered.  If you can dream it, we can build it, and all within a budget that makes sense.   If you are not totally sure of what you would like to do with your favorite gun,  we are more than happy to sit down and show you some pictures of past creations you can use for inspiration, or we can create something totally original.   Everyone has their own idea of what works for them, and we work every day to make sure you get a product you are proud to own.

We Elevate

You remember as a kid how Christmas morning took forever to arrive?  The excitement of wondering what you were going to get under the tree.  Yep, we have all been there, and we want every customer to have that same sense of excitement when they drop by to pick up their finished project, or when they open the box that arrived in the mail.   We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and to get the positive feedback after they have had a chance to take the gun to a range to try out for the first time.  It is even better when your range buddies are all over you wanting to see what you are shooting.  It doesn’t get any better for us than that.


The owner, Willie Puskas, is a Class 1 Federal Firearm Licensed dealer and gunsmith and a GLOCK certified armorer. He is a former Army civilian contractor, and has attended Savannah Tech. for Drafting specializing in Mechanical Design. He has been a firearm enthusiast for many years, and attends IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun National competitions regularly.

Willie Puskas favors background checks and promotes gun safety. He is a passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He carries a PMR-30, Sig P938 or a 1st Gen Wilson. He feels an appreciation, aesthetic and mechanical, for these machines that are essential to American life. Despite gun violence portrayed in the media, he firmly believes that firearms have no moral stature and have no will of their own. Their purpose is to protect, to hunt, and to enjoy it competitively.

We believe in quality, integrity and professional service, and we are ready to help you put together that firearm project you have been thinking about.